Build public EV charging infrastructure at the best locations.

The ideal planning software for CPOs, Utilities, Cities and Municipalities.

AI-powered utilization predictions for various hardware scenarios of your planned public charging stations — the key to demand-based infrastructure planning and better investment decisions.

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Place your public charging wishes on our map

Do you often park your electric car somewhere and you miss a public charging station?

We want to help you place your desired locations on a map. Interested charge point operators can later on use this information to make better decisions on where to build new locations.

Key Features of Place2Charge

Run AI utilization predictions

Receive predictions at any address on yearly utilization for various hardware scenarios of your planned public charging locations. Evaluate all addresses from potential location partners in one day.

Find promising sites

Get suggestions for the most promising charging spots in any region. Using our algorithms, you will identify the best locations that suit your use case. Whether you build in Baden-Württemberg, Tirol, Vienna or the west coast of Portugal, you will become a regional expert fast.


Integrate our service into your own software ecosystem. With our support and our API documentation your developers can get started quickly. Store results into your own software and leave no traces of your strategic considerations.


A sophisticated marketplace for Charging Site Providers and Charge Point Operators which give both parties relevant data on investment decisions and thereby helps you form better partnerships.

Experience the software and algorithms in action and convince yourself and your team.

place2charge for

Charge Point Operators

Not every public charging station will become profitable. Make sure your investments will. Use place2charge to find the most promising locations for your charging use case anywhere in Europe. Get in touch with parking providers and make the right deals.

place2charge for

Parking Providers

If you are a retail store chain, city, real estate business or any business with parking lots, the place2charge marketplace connects you to multiple charge point operators so you receive multiple offers and find better partners. Our software also identifies which of your locations should get public charging first.

Paul Strobel, CEO & Software-Engineer

I firmly believe that citizen participation and AI utilization forecasts together represent a highly effective approach to developing future public charging infrastructure where it is needed and most importantly – economically viable to operate. With Place2Charge we help our clients in making more informed decisions and expediting their planning processes. Furthermore, we are committed to transforming the planning of a sustainable future into an engaging and collaborative experience. Tell us about your challenges and experience Place2Charge yourself with your team for free today.

Customer Statements

To validate our own site planning for building charging infrastructure and making location decisions, we found at badenova to be a valuable support. The data-based approach provided us with a lot of relevant data at the click of a button.

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